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Critical Barriers That Impact the Health Week 3 Help




Question;Week;3 help;For the second written;assignment of the course, you will continue in the design of your proposed;model program by demonstrating your understanding of your selected population?s;challenges, which negatively impact this group?s health and well-being. Based;on this week?s research, conduct an assessment of the barriers, limitations;and other distinguishing features, as they exist within your community. Your;paper, at a minimum, must contain the following elements;a.;A description of at;least three critical barriers that impact the health and well-being of a chosen;group, one must be a micro-level (individual) barrier that is financial, one;must be a macro-level (community/state) barrier that relates to access and;funding for care, and the third barrier may be one of your choosing.b.;An analysis of the;regulatory, legal, ethical, and accreditation requirements/issues that relate;to these barriers (you are required to use outside sources, such as those found;in the Ashford University Library, to address this section in sufficient;detail).;c.;Identify and describe;at least one proposed solution for each barrier. Your solution for the micro;barrier must include an analysis of various potential funding options (both;independent and integrated). Your solution for the macro barrier must include;an analysis of financing resources for health care.


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