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Question;Community AssessmentIn this week's media presentations, Ms. Marren and Dr. Fernando Guerra discussed the importance of community assessment when determining the needs of the community and health promotion or intervention programs. In addition, Dr. Sattler examined the influence of the environment on the health of a community, along with occupational health concerns.Community assessment is one of the three core functions of public health nursing and is the process of thinking critically about the community. It involves a logical, systematic approach to identify a community's needs, problems (including environmental and occupational problems), and strengths and resources. Assessment of the health of a community can begin with a simple windshield assessment: a drive through the community noting strengths and problems. Community assessment also includes data gathering through examining vital statistics, and the demographics of the community.To prepare for this Application, review the media presentations for this week and Chapter 15 in the textbook on community assessment. In addition, use Table 15?5 on page 355 in the course textbook to guide your windshield assessment. Include your windshield assessment with your Application.Conduct an assessment of the community in which you live, including a windshield assessment. Then, write a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following:DemographicsVital statisticsEnvironmental issuesOccupational health hazardsVulnerable populationsResources available in the communityOther pertinent information about the community


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