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First Day Exercise in Strategic Thinking...




First Day Exercise in Strategic Thinking The purpose of this in-class assignment is to indoctrinate you to the rigorous process of applied strategic decision making. As the Syllabus states, this class is a ?capstone? experience that integrates your entire collegiate wisdom to achieve results in the real world. Here, we seek baseline answers to the following questions: Have you mastered business writing skills? Can you manage time and resources? Can you understand concepts and link them to create a message? Can you pose incisive questions and create a rational course of action? Can you merge your prior training in finance, marketing and management? Are you seriously ready to compete for a professional position? Assignment: (It is recommended you first create an outline to organize your thoughts, compose a draft of your process, and edit a final submission to submit to Blackboard Assignments in the required timeframe. You have decided that as soon as you have graduated with your degree in hand, your best course of action for jump-starting your career is to relocate to a major city. The reason for this decision is that you believe that larger environment offers more opportunities, higher income, and a better quality of life. Using the attached ?Strategic Management Process? chart, write a paper to define your relocation strategy. The paper should address each of the five steps of Analysis, Direction, Formulation, Implementation and Restructuring. You will not have answers to all the questions that arise, but you should be able to address clearly the issues you will need to resolve.


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