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Question;Assignment;To complete this assignment, go to this week'sAssignment link in the left;navigation;DFD Diagram;Data flow diagrams (DFDs) are used for documenting the logical;design of an information system by showing graphically the various entry and;exit touch points within a HMIS. Data flow diagrams provide a way for the;system to be broken down into manageable parts beginning with a general context;and moving into more detail.;Draft a DFD for one area you identify from the list below;1. Patient admission;2. Perioperative (pre, intra, post);3. Departmental handoff;4. Medical billing/insurance;5. Physician ordering;6. Supply chain management;7. Security management (include;HIPAA guidelines);8. Other (instructor?s approval;required);Write a two- to three-page summary (excluding title and reference pages) in APA;format outlining the DFD for your selected area. Additionally, provide a graphic version of your DFD that;is compartmentalized to produce optimized results, for the benefit of;the HMIS team and other stakeholders. Utilize at least two scholarly and/ or;peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years, cited according to;APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.;Carefully review theGrading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


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