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Question;Chose any to your liking and you only have to do 2000 wordsWith your instructor?s approval, select one of the;following topics for your paper;?;Community-Oriented Policing;?;Terrorism?Security Policy for Large Events;?;Leave Policy for officers to work with;governments in foreign countries;?;Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Policy;?;Human Trafficking Policy;?;Organized Crime Policy;?;Cyberspace/Technology Policy;?;Educational and Training Policy for officers;mid-level managers and executives;?;Reducing prison overcrowding;Prepare a;2,100-2,800- word paper in which you research the relevant statistics, facts;resources, and public opinions to develop your own local, statewide, or federal;policy related to your selected topic. Your policy paper should include;statistical, factual, and public opinion history information which supports;your policy claim. Be sure to identify all stakeholders (e.g., politicians;judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, correctional officers and;administrators, law enforcement officers and administrators, victims;law-abiding citizens, etc.) and their opinions as it relates to your proposed;policy and how politics may impact its implementation. Additionally, provide;policy recommendations and the rationale for these recommendations and their;impact on contemporary criminal justices issues and globalization.;Cite your;references properly consistent with APA guidelines.;Note. In addition to the;University Library, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service has many;articles reflecting contemporary criminal justice policies.;


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