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employment law #2 T/F-21 TO 30 Under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), employers are required to provide...




Question;21. Under the;Americans with Disability Act (ADA), employers are required to provide;employees with all;requested accommodations. a. True, b. False;22. A Catholic Church;would not be found liable in a Title VII action if the Church only hired;teachers for Sunday;school who practiced Catholicism? a. True, b. False;23. Affirmative action;requires that an employer establish and implement a quota system? a.;True, b. False;24. A Bona Fide;Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) would be a legitimate defense to a;discrimination claim;based on an employee?s race? a. True, b. False;25. If an employer;acts reasonably to accommodate a religious restriction, then it has not;violated;Title VII. a. True, b.;False;26. In a disparate;treatment case, the employer would be liable of intentionally discriminating;against the employee.;a. True, b. False;27. For an eligibility;test to be legally validated as an;effective gauge of;performance, an employer must show that the test is job-related and consistent;with business;necessity. a. True b. False;28. An independent;contractor can sue under Title VII;a. True, b. False;29. If an employee;sues under Title VII, they first need to file a complaint in Federal Court. a.;True, b. False 30. In;a disparate impact case, an employer can raise the defense that the challenged;policy is a;business necessity. a.;True, b. False


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