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CMGT 400 Intro to Information Assurance and Security




Question;CMGT 400;Intro to Information Assurance and Security;WEEK 1;Individual;Assignment Risky Situations;Team;Assignment, Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report & Presentation-Kudler;System Review;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK 2;Assignment-Kudler;Fine Foods IT Security Report & Presentation-Top Threats;Individual;Assignment, Common Information Security Threats;Discussion;Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 3;Team;Assignment, Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report & Presentation-Security;Considerations;Individual;Assignment, Disaster Securing and Protecting Information;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK 4;Team;Assignment, Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report-Security Policy and Training;Individual;Assignment, The Role of Information Security Policy;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK 5;Assignment;Kudler Fine Foods IT Security PPT;Assignment-Kudler;Fine Foods IT Security Report;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2


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