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Question;Welcome to the Module 5 Case!In the background materials, we reviewed the nature of leadership, cultural differences with respect to leadership, and leadership as it relates to criminal justice administration. In this case, you will integrate and apply that knowledge to cross-cultural leadership in criminal justice administration.Imagine that you are working with your Armenian colleagues in a mentorship and coaching capacity to assist and support them with the successfully implement their criminal justice administration proposals into practice.Required ReadingLesley Milner, "Armenian Police Officers Receive American Training in IACP Pilot Program," The Police Chief 79 (November 2012): 32?34. Retrieved March 14, 2013 from AssignmentEvaluate the various approaches used in mentoring and leading subordinates in US criminal justice organizations in terms of its applicability to mentoring and leading international colleagues. Synthesize a leadership development plan for an Armenian colleague. Be sure to take into account the distance factor as well as cultural differences between the Armenian and American criminal justice organizations.Explain and support your views with reference to ideas from the background readings and any other relevant sources that you have found on the internet. I want you to use at least 3 different sources beyond those given in the Background readings, all of which should be annotated on your References page and cited within the body of your paper.Keys to the AssignmentThe key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include:Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities involved in cross cultural communication and leadershipExamine what best practices should be used when communicating and leading a cross cultural workforce


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