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Question;Cyberlaw;Text book:CYBERLAW Ed: 1 Yr: 13 Author: CRAIG Publisher;PEARSON EDUCATION;ISBN: 978-0-13-256087-0;You have created an amazing new;scientific product called the "widget." You have decided that an;e-business is the best way to sell your product. You will have no brick;mortar stores. Your creative team has put together an amazing website and;domain name to market your ?widget.? It contains some original intellectual;property and some that is borrowed. You meet with your lawyers to discuss the;issues of starting an e-business, protection of your product and intellectual;property issues. Your domicile is currently Delaware, but your website may be;viewed all over the world and your will ship your product anywhere.;Six months later you are off and running, unfortunately, a defective widget was;sent to a California individual who now has brought a lawsuit against you and;has also started an online blog about how you are really a child pornographer;and your widget business is just a front. Your business revenue starts to drop;significantly. You try to stop the blog but the individual claims a;Constitutional right to state his opinion, he also states that you are trying;to violate his Constitutional rights. To make matters worse a German terrorist;organization has stolen the idea for your widget (online) and is threatening to;use it for evil unless you pay them one million dollars. You call your local;police to report this.;For this project, research and discuss the issues that are presented in the;above scenario. At a minimum you will need to discuss issues of jurisdiction;e-business, intellectual property, cybercrimes and Constitutional law.;The requirements for this project;are as follows;Proper APA style;5 ? 7 pages in length (this does not include the title;or reference page but does include the abstract page);Paper must include a minimum of two scholarly sources;not including your textbook, that discuss emerging ideas in cyberspace on;any of your topics;News & most websites are not scholarly sources but;may be used for examples.


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