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Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts - Case Problem




Question;Chapter 20 - Formation of;Sales and Lease Contracts - Statute of Frauds;Entertainment;Sales v SNK(1998) 232 Ga.App. 669;Read the case andwatch the video and print out the class;whiteboard notes to use when reading the case and watching the video.;Also look at;screencast;- ESI;whiteboard;notes -;The;answer the following questions;1. Who won the case (name of the party - not the;plaintiff, but the actual name);2. Why did that person win? state the legal;principles;3. Find the portion of your book which also;corresponds to the reason given by the court in resolving the legal issue;4. Please use mostly your "own words" and;only copy those portions of the case which have "key legal words or;principles".


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