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1.Generally, which power(s) does (do) an administrative agency possess? (Points : 2)



all powers necessary to effectively perform the duties entrusted to it



legislative only



judicial only



executive only




Question 2.2.A contract is said to be executory when (Points : 2)



it is in writing



it is under seal



all of the obligations thereunder have been performed



any of the obligations thereunder remain to be performed




Question 3.3.A bilateral contract consists of a: (Points : 2)



promise for a future act



promise for refraining from acting



promise for a promise



promise to contract in the future




Question 4.4.The ethical category of integrity and truthfulness is best expressed as: (Points : 2)



maintaining ones values and principles so long as profits can be maintained.



maintaining ones values and principles so long as the costs are not great.



maintaining ones values and principles unless deviating will go unnoticed.



maintaining ones values and principles despite the consequences or cost.




Question 5.5.Which of the following has been linked with the long-term growth and profitability of business organizations? (Points : 2)



High standards for product quality



High standards for employee welfare



High standards for customer service



All of the above




Question 6.6.An offer may be terminated by (Points : 2)



a revocation of the offer by the offeror



lapse of time



death or disability of either party



all of the above




Question 7.7.Consideration is: (Points : 2)



the concern shown by the other contracting party



what is determined by the promisor as the price for the promise



a stated number of dollars



the concern of both contracting parties for the protection of the environment




Question 8.8.A deposition: (Points : 2)



is the testimony of a witness taken under oath



is conducted outside the court room



can be used to impeach a witness



all of the above




Question 9.9.A motion for summary judgement can be filed when: (Points : 2)



the defendent fails to file an answer to the complaint



the plaintiff fails to conduct discovery



when there is no disputed issue of material fact in the case



none of the above




Question 10.10.Statutory law is written by: (Points : 2)



Congress and other legislative bodies






governmental agencies



the president




Question 11.11.An administrative regulation: (Points : 2)



Is a guideline that may be voluntarily followed



Has the force of law



Is a suggestion that will protect the environment



Is a standard used to govern industry




Question 12.12.A regulation adopted by a federal administrative agency is binding if: (Points : 2)



It has been printed in the Federal Register



The persons affected have received copies of it



The persons affected have notified the agency of their approval of the regulation



Publicity has been given to it by the news media




Question 13.13.An obligation to pay the reasonable value of services rendered when there is no contract would be called: (Points : 2)
















Question 14.14.Consideration to support a contract generally requires (Points : 2)



an adequate exchange



a reasonable price



an agreed exchange



none of the above




Question 15.15.When one party has broken a contract, there are remedies, which include: (Points : 2)



Bringing an action for damages



Rescinding the contract



Seeking specific performance



All of the above




Question 16.16.An express warranty is: (Points : 2)



a statement by the seller which is the basis of the bargin



a statment by the seller which must include the words express warranty



a statement by the seller which must be made before the sale occurs



none of the above




Question 17.17.A buyer may revoke acceptance of goods: (Points : 2)



and not give notice of the revocation to the seller



if the goods are substantially impaired



and the parties are required by law to go to court to resolve questions related to their rights and responsibilities under the contract



none of the above




Question 18.18.The obligations of the parties to a sales contract include: (Points : 2)



The seller\'s duty to deliver the goods to the buyer\'s place of business



The buyer\'s duty to always accept the goods



The seller\'s duty to arrange for appropriate transport



The buyer\'s duty to pay for the goods




Question 19.19.One party to a contract permitting the other party to continue performance without objecting that the performance is unsatisfactory is an example of a(n): (Points : 2)









Anticipatory repudiation







Question 20.20.Disparate impact exists when facially neutral employment practices: (Points : 2)



Adversely impact a protected group



Intentionally discriminate against a protected group



Favorably impact a protected group



Intentionally impact unfavorably a protected group but the activity is business related




Question 21.21.Hostile working environment sexual harassment: (Points : 2)



Cannot be created by unwelcome sexual flirtations and propositions



Cannot result in an injunction being granted against offensive conduct



Can result in an award of punitive damages



Can result in a business being sold




Question 22.22.The warranty of merchantability (Points : 2)



can be disclaimed



does not apply to the serving for value of food or drink to be consumed on the seller\'s premises



implies that the goods are fit for all purposes for which such goods are used



all of the above




Question 23.23.An oral contract can be enforced when it relates to: (Points : 2)



The purchase of a television set for $200



The sale of an interest in land for $400



Managing a factory for five years



A promise to answer for the debit of another




Question 24.24.When a sales contract is broken by the seller, the buyer may (Points : 2)



reject the nonconforming goods



revoke acceptance of goods which do not conform to the contract



allow the tender of nonconforming goods to be cured



all of the above




Question 25.25.The sources of American law include: (Points : 2)



state constitutions and the Federal constitution



statutes enacted by state legislatures and the Congress



court decisions and U.S. treaties



all of the above




Question 26.26.Legal principles expressed for the first time in court decisions are called: (Points : 2)



statutory law



stare decisis



common law



case law




Question 27.27.The Americans With Disabilities Act applies to private employers when: (Points : 2)



They have federal contracts



They have been shown to exhibit a pattern of discrimination



They have 15 or more employees



They have contracts with any state agency




Question 28.28.Parol evidence is generally admissible to explain: (Points : 2)



Ambiguous terms



Why signatures are missing



Why a contract was not performed



Implied terms




Question 29.29.Maria intentionally attempts to have Patty break a contract Patty has with Alfred. Maria will be liable under which theory of tort? (Points : 2)






product disparagement



wrongful interference with a contract



infliction of emotional distress




Question 30.30.Which of the following does not constitute acceptance: (Points : 2)



Express statement of approval by the buyer



Examination by the buyer



Retaining goods for an unreasonably long period of time



Modifying the goods




Question 31.31.Defamation consisting of the publication or communication of false, spoken words is termed: (Points : 2)
















Question 32.32.Bob sent letters to people randonly slected from the phone book. The letters said \"It is agreed that we will paint your house for a price based upon the cost of the materials and our labor.\" Sue received the letter. Sue and Bob have (Points : 2)



a division contract



a contingency contract



an invitation to negotiate



an option contract




Question 33.33.Among the guidelines for balancing the interests of various stakeholders to resolve ethical dilemmas in business are: (Points : 2)



Identify potential parties who could be injured by the proposed action



Define the problem from both the decision maker\'s viewpoint and the opposing viewpoints



Ask whether you would be willing to describe a proposed action to your family, board of directors, congressional hearings, or other public forum



All of the above




Question 34.34.Today the following parties may recover damages in product liability cases (Points : 2)



the buyer and the buyer\'s family members



only the buyer



the buyer, the buyer\'s customers and employees, and other third parites



none of the above




Question 35.35.If the buyer materially breaches a sales contract (Points : 2)



the seller may not cancel the contract until she has given the buyer at least six months to preform



the seller is still obligated to perform



the seller may cancel the contract and the cancellation ends the contract and discharges all unperformed obligations on both sides.



none of the above



Question 36.36.Philip Laws rented an apartment from Candice Sutton. Laws had notified Sutton on more than one occasion that the wooden steps to his apartment were decaying and in need of repair. Laws claimed that he had to leave the outside light on in order to avoid portions of the steps that would no longer bear his weight when he came in at night. Sutton promised to repair the steps while Laws was away on a business trip. Accordingly, Laws did not leave the lights on during his absence. When he returned three nights later Laws was injured when one of the steps broke under his weight as he was entering his apratment. Laws sued Sutton. Sutton replied that she should not bear full responsibility for Laws\' injury, as Laws knew of the condition of the steps, and had not taken the customary precaution of lighting the area.



a. You be the jury. How do you decide?


b. Discuss the applicable law(s) and then apply the law(s) to the material facts in the problem. In discussing the law, describe each element of the law and the facts that apply to each element. Include a discussion of any possible defenses. (Points : 15)





Question 37.37.Sierra and Hannah went snowboarding at Mammoth last winter. On the trip Sierra admired Hannah\'s snowboard, and told her so. Hannah told Sierra that she was going to buy a new snowboard in the summer and that Hannah would sell this board to Sierra for $300. Sierra agreed to buy the board. That August Hannah bought a new snowboard. She called Sierra and told her she was ready to complete the sale. Sierra responded by saying \"What sale?\" Hannah reminded Sierra of the conversation they had had that winter about Sierra buying Hannah\'s old snowboard. Sierra\'s response was \"Oh, I was just admiring your board. I didn\'t want to buy it.\"



a. You be the jury. Do Sierra and Hannah have a contract?


b. Discuss the applicable law(s) and then apply the law(s) to the material facts in the problem. In discussing the law, describe each element of the law and the facts that apply to each element. (Points : 15)


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