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Question;Curricular;Enhancement;Instructions;Choose;one (1) of the following Curricular Enhancement projects;1.;Interview an attorney;(government, corporate, private) as to what he/she does.*;2.;Interview a judge.*;3.;Attend all or part of a trial;at the United States District Court or state trial court.**;4.;Attend an oral argument at the;United States Court of Appeals or state appellate court.**;5.;Law Review Report: summarize;and comment on a recent law review article on a topic that we cover in class.;The;Curricular Enhancement will comprise the percentage of your final grade as;stated in the syllabus.;Papers should be;between 5 to 7 pages in length, double-spaced, numbered pages. While content is;paramount, you will lose points for grammatical, punctuation and spelling;errors. Also, your personal;reflection/reaction on what you learned is as important as your report on your;project. If you attend a trial or appellate court argument with other students;each student must write his/her own unique paper.;For;suggested interview questions, courtroom observation points, law review report instructions;and sample papers, see the Blackboard website for this course under;?Assignments.?;* Only one (1);student can interview any individual attorney or judge.;** If attending;court, please dress appropriately.


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