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Question;IN THE NEWS;Instructions;?;Find a current story ?in the news? related to business law. Unless otherwise instructed, the story should;relate to the material we are currently covering (e.g., contract law;employment law, etc.).;?;Prepare a Power Point presentation;outlining the main features of the story.;o;Last slide should include;? source(s);? date of source/story;?;E-mail the Power Point;presentation to the professor prior to class, who will upload it onto the J;drive for you.;?;Present the story, using the;Power Point slides that will be on the professor?s J drive, to the class on;your assigned day.;Grading;?;Timeliness of story;?;Relevance of the story to;current material (if applicable);?;Quality of the Power Point presentation;?;Quality of your verbal presentation


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