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Question;AMBA610 Custom Text: Chapters 7 and 8. From Kubasek, N.K., Brennan, B.A., and;Browne, M.N. (2012). The Legal;Environment of Business: A Critical Thinking Approach (6th ed.). Boston;MA: Pearson Learning Solutions.;In 1994, there was a widely publicized;lawsuit against the McDonald?s Corporation in which an elderly woman, Stella;Liebeck, sued McDonald?s for damages from the third-degree burns she sustained;from hot McDonald?s coffee that she spilled on her lap while she was seated in;her car. The case received so much;publicity that it is frequently referred to today as an example of a ?frivolous;lawsuit? that hurts American business.;Indeed, the ?Stella Award? for frivolous lawsuits referred to in the;article "The Mighty Quinn" was named after Stella Liebeck.;In 2007, Roy L. Pearson sued Custom;Cleaners for several million dollars of damages resulting from a lost pair of;trousers.;Research;these two cases, and in 10-12;double-spaced pages compare and contrast the facts, law, and merits of the two;lawsuits by answering the following questions. Include an introduction and a;conclusion in your paper.;1.;What are the facts?;2.;What are the issues?;3.;What law applies?;4.;What did the judge and/or jury decide?;5.;Did the judge and/or jury make an appropriate decision based on the;applicable law controlling the case? Why;or why not?;6.;What are the ethical issues in;the cases? Do the ethical issues differ;from the legal issues? If so, how?;7.;Both of these cases have been described as "frivolous;lawsuits. Based on your research what do;you think? Is either one or both of;these cases frivolous?;8.;Regardless of what you think of;the lawsuits, how could the business owners have prevented them? What advice can you give them for the future;Be sure to provide references for all;information, including facts that you obtain from your research. Be sure to;properly format your references in accordance with the APA guidelines as;described in the Hacker text and include a reference list.


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