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Question;1) A crime is;defined as;a;wrong committed against society as a whole;a;wrong prosecuted by a private attorney;a;wrong prohibited by the common law but not by statutory law;a;wrong committed only against property;2) Which of the;following can be the basis for both a crime and a tort?;libel;invasion;of privacy;battery;slander;3);provides the basis for criminal intent.;deus;ex machina;actus;reus;malum;in se;mens;rea;4) Which of the;following is TRUE regarding corporate criminal liability?;it;is possible only for privately-owned corporations;it;is not possible;it;is possible only for torts that are also crimes;it;is possible for corporations, just as it is for individuals;5) A person is ordinarily;NOT held liable for committing a crime if he;made;a mistake of law;becomes;voluntarily intoxicated;suffers;from a mental defect that prevents him from appreciating right and wrong;is;under the age of 21;6) Ellie owns a;diamond ring that she often takes off and places on her desk at work. She is;usually careful to put it back on whenever she leaves her desk. One day, she;goes to lunch and forgets to put it on. Jack sees the ring, puts it in his;pocket and does not return it. Jack has probably committed the crime of;forgery;arson;theft;battery;7);Jerry owns a bicycle shop. Sometimes;he puts Forest in charge. One Saturday evening, after Forest left the store;Jerry discovered that he is missing $9,000 from the register. If Forest took;the cash, he could be found guilty of the crime of;conversion;misappropriation;embezzlement;robbery;8);Arthur is the accountant for a;trucking company. One of the drivers, Tyler, holds a gun to Arthur?s head and;forces him to falsify records, obtain cash and give it to Tyler. If criminal;charges are brought against Arthur, he can assert the defense of;entrapment;justifiable use of force;mistake of law;duress;9);Larry gives Senator Beales $100,000;to make sure the government buys all its paper clips from Larry?s company.;Larry has;committed the crime of fraud;committed the crime of bribery;done nothing illegal because this is how interest groups;operate;accepted a bribe


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