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strayer university LEG500 Week 5 and week 6 discussion




Question;Health and Safety in the Workplace" Please respond to the following:Determine whether undocumented workers should be eligible for workers? compensation in the United States. Be specific. Support your response.From the first e-Activity, analyze at least three ways in which how the Supreme Court balanced the interests of employers and employees, OSHA and the ADA, and determine whether or not you agree with the Supreme Court?s decision. Justify your response.week 5 discn 2"Safety Concerns in the Global Economy" Please respond to the following:From the second e-Activity, determine at least three ways in which United States? businesses can address the adverse effects of sweatshop labor practices. Provide one specific example of each way that you have just determined to support your response.Considering the effect of worker rights on global and developing economies, take a position on whether or not the United States government should regulate the global workforce of the United States corporations. Justify your response.week 6 discn 1"Environmental Responsibility" Please respond to the following:From the first e-Activity, determine two other costs that BP might have incurred. Give your opinion as to whether or not BP would have been better off had the company taken the necessary precautions to prevent or minimize an oil spill. Support your answers.Determine who is best prepared to take responsibility for addressing climate change issues ? individuals, scientists, environmentalists, shareholders, corporations, governments, or some other entities. Explain your rationale.week 6 discn 2"Habitat and Property Rights" Please respond to the following:From the second e-Activity, determine whether the end result best supports the majority opinion or the minority opinion in Lucas. Then, recommend at least one way that Lucas could have been resolved in a more effective and efficient manner. Support your answer.Give your opinion on whether governments should be able to rezone and condemn residential land and displace homeowners in the process, in order to facilitate commercial development. Explain your rationale.


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