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Bristol Distribution Company began business on January 2, 2007. Salaries were paid to employees on the last day of each month, and social security tax, Medicare tax, and federal income tax were withheld in the required amounts. An employee who is hired in them idle of the month receives half the monthly salary for that month. All required payroll tax reports were files, and the correct amount of payroll taxes was remitted by the company for the calendar year. Early in 2008, before the wage and tax statements (form w-2) could be prepared for distribution to employees and for filing with the social security administration, the employees? earnings records were inadvertently destroyed. None of the employees resigned or were discharged during the year, and there were no changes in salary rates. The social security tax was withheld at the rate of 6.0% on the first $100,000 of salary and Medicare tax at the rate of 1.5% on salary. Data on dates of employment, salary rates, and employees? income taxes withheld which are summarized as follows, were obtained from personnel records and payroll records. Employee date first employed monthly salary monthly income tax wh Arnold June2 $6,400 $1,408 Charles Jan 2 8,600 2,064 Gillam Mar 1 5,000 950 Nelson Jan 2 3,800 684 Quinn Nov 15 4,400 814 Ramirez Apr 15 3,200 560 WU Jan 16 9,200 2,300 1. Calculate the amounts to be reported on each employee?s wage and tax statement (form w-2) for 2007, arranging the data in the following form: Employee/Gross Earnings/Fed. Income Withheld/ss tax withheld /medicare tax withheld 2. Calculate the following employer payroll taxes for the year (a) social security; (b) medicare; (c) state unemployment compensation at 3.8% on the first $9,000 of each employee?s earnings; (d) federal unemployment compensation at 0.8% on the first $9,000 of each employee?s earnings; (e) total.


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