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strayer university LEG500 Week 7,8 and week 9 discussions




Question;Marketing and Advertising" Please respond to the following:From the first e-Activity, compare and contrast the opinions in the Sorrell and Ayotte cases in terms of which court achieved the better result. Explain your rationale.Evaluate how effective the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been in protecting consumer privacy and targeting deceptive and unfair trade practices on the Internet. Support your opinion with specifics.week 7 discn 2"Marketing to Children" Please respond to the following:From the second e-Activity, discuss your reaction to the public service announcement (PSA) in relation to the marketing of junk food to children, with a focus on why this PSA is appropriate or inappropriate. Explain your rationale.Determine whether constraints should be placed on companies that partner with schools by providing resources via contests, scholarships, materials, educational programs, and so on. Support your response.week 8 discn 1"Product Safety Regulation" Please respond to the following:From the first e-Activity, analyze the current state of the government regulation of product safety to determine whether the referenced agencies are generally proactive or reactive. Provide one specific example of each agency to support your response.Compare and contrast the regulatory alternatives discussed in Chapter 8 of the text in terms of the efficiency and efficacy these alternatives might provide to businesses and consumers. Next, determine which solution is the most viable, considering the likelihood of support from business and government interests. Explain your rationale.week 8 discn 2"Tort Law" Please respond to the following:From the second e-Activity, analyze the key ways in which the Third Restatement of Torts treats defective design, and assess how the change from the Second Restatement will affect product liability cases in jurisdictions that adopt the third version. Then, give your opinion about whether the second or third approach is better. Provide specific examples to support your response.Evaluate whether you believe placing limits on punitive damages is appropriate. Explain your rationaleweek 9 discn 1"Copyright Issues" Please respond to the following:From the first e-Activity, determine whether or not the Copyright Alert System will be effective. Explain your rationale.Determine whether or not existing ?fair use? exceptions strike an appropriate balance between creators and users of the material. Provide two specific examples to support your response."Global Intellectual Property Rights" Please respond to the following:From the second e-Activity, argue for or against the basic arguments behind the global intellectual property right cases that you found. Next, determine whether the courts made the correct decisions. Support your response.Determine the key legal and ethical issues surrounding the ability of pharmaceutical companies to patent and exploit plant-derived substances, and suggest at least one way in which a company might provide compensation besides direct / individual payments.


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