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strayer university LEG500 Week 10 and week 11 discussions




Question;Underlying Causes" Please respond to the following:Analyze at least three underlying causes for the creation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Next, rank the causes that you have analyzed from the most important to the least important to the creation of the Act. Explain your rationale.Determine three most important provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Provide a scenario or example of each to justify why each provision that you determined is important.week 10 discn 2"Short- and Long- Run Impact" Please respond to the following:Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to date, and determine who has benefitted most from the passage of the act. Provide two specific examples to support your response.From the e-Activity, analyze how easy or difficult it may be for officers and managers of organizations to stay in strict compliance with SEC rules and for consumers, investors, and regulators to detect errors. Then, determine at least one action that CEOs and boards can take to improve compliance.week 11 discn 1"Looking Back" Please respond to the following:Looking back on all the lessons learned in this course, discuss the one that surprised or interested you the most. Explain what made it so surprising or interesting.Create a simile or metaphor that would help someone unfamiliar with this course understand the basic message behind the course. Please be as creative as you like.week 11 discn 2"Looking Ahead" Please respond to the following:Discuss what you have learned in this course that will help you in your current or future career.Thinking about the subjects addressed in this course, predict what will be the focus of this course 10 years from now. Explain your rationale.


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