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MBA 610 Group Analysis Assignment




Question;This is a common final exam that is being used in all MBA 610 sections. I would like you to consider the following recommendations in crafting your essay. These added suggestions should aid in your success:I. The directions ask students to specifically address some specific issues (in Part "C") and yet despite these directions, I find that many students do not include the required components. Do NOT just randomly write a paper on some area of the law. Be sure to DIRECTLY and CLEARLY address the issues listed in part "C" below.II. Also, the directions clearly ask you to research and include citation. Be sure to actually include parenthetical citation throughout as well as use quotation marks where appropriate. And include end notes.III. I highly recommend that you use headings to clearly identify the specific areas of your essay. Use them throughout for your different sections including those that directly address the required areas under part "C" of the directions.IV. Please be sure to actually read the attached directions and rubric prior to completing your assignment.Main ElementsChoose a topic of interest from this course.Conduct research related to the topic of choice.In your paper, draft responses to the following three points (listed above):? Law and Business Decisions? Impactful Law Principles? Distrust of Law and MisconceptionsSelect specific cases that support your topic.Include the applicable laws and regulations that support your topic and why you chose them.Apply course concepts and course resources in your paper.


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