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In this week?s reading you learned of efforts by New York?s mayor,




Question;Homework;In this week?s reading you;learned of efforts by New York?s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, to ban the sale;or service of soda larger than 16 oz. His objective was to address;obesity. What role should the government play in dictating to consumers;what food they may eat or how much food they should eat? Does government;have an obligation to protect people from themselves and curtail behaviors;that affect their health? What other examples have you seen where the;government has passed a law affecting what consumers may buy or consume?What is meant by product literacy? What are some of the factors that influence consumer;behavior and consumer product choices? What does author Pappalardo mean;when she states that "[t]here;is often a difference between consumer information and consumer;comprehension"?You may combine your answers to both questions;into one Word document. Your answer should be in the form of a short essay. Two;or three sentences will not be sufficient. If you cite to;any resources, including the text or articles from this week, you must use;correct APA formatting. All submissions should include a cover page, body of;text, and a references;page. An abstract or table of contents is not required.


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