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Devry Law310 week 5




Question;Week 5: Briefly, in two to three paragraphs, answer the following: What is Pennsylvania Act 13? Compare it to Vermont?s May 2012 legislation: Compare these with the New York State decision on local control of fracking found in Doc Sharing at.Using the studies, such as The Final Report on Unconventional Gas in Europe, write a brief one- to two-paragraph paper that discusses at least one specific country?s regulations (see page 5 for general information and pages 48, 49, and 50 for country-specific information) TIP: Try a GOOGLE search, such as.On April 13, 2012, President Obama issued this executive order, briefly, in one to two paragraphs, explain what the order provides. You can find the executive order at this address (or look in Doc Sharing) links or citations to at least two other sources you have found that will be useful in writing about the above points.


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