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Strayer PAD 525 Public Law Week 7 Discussion 2




Question;Procedures and;Prosecution." Please respond to the following;Evaluate United States v.;Agurs. Another very important public policy issue is an appreciation for the;difference between obtaining a high conviction rate or being perceived as;?tough on crime,? and seeking justice. Debate your position on the death;penalty regarding whether it is used for justice or for other purposes. Support;your position with examples or evidence.;In the text, it states that;?the (Supreme) Court has agreed that the death penalty can be constitutionally;sustained only if its imposition is consistent with ?evolving standards of;decency?.? With so many juveniles committing heinous crimes, take a position;and debate as a public administrator on whether you think the death penalty;should be allowed for juveniles? Use the e-Activity case as a reference for;discussion.


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