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Strayer PAD 525 Public Law Week 10 Discussion 1 and 2




Question;Planning Oral;Briefings" Please respond to the following;Assume;the governor has asked you to present an oral briefing on a controversial;environmental program to a board of commissioners of a major county in the;state. Three of the nine commissioners oppose the program and have experts on;their staffs who generally accompany them to meetings. Recommend three actions;to take before the briefing and two key actions as you present the;recommendation. Provide reasons to support your response. Discuss;at least two possible advantages and two possible disadvantages to using;graphics and charts in oral briefings. Discuss the implications of these;advantages and disadvantages to the one responsible for communicating public;policy. Provide an example to support your response.;White House Briefings" Please;respond to the following;From the;e-Activity, compare and contrast the issues discussed in two briefings you;selected. Take a position on which oral briefing closely matches your preferred;style of communicating policy. Provide reasons to support your response


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