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Question;McDougal;Contractors made a contract with Rekowski to build an apartment house for a;specific price. A number of;serious apartment house fires broke out in the city, and an ordinance was;adopted by the city council increasing the fire precautions that had to be;taken in the construction of a new building. Compliance with these new requirements;would make the construction of the apartment house for Rekowski more expensive;than McDougal had originally contemplated. Is McDougal discharged from the;contract to build the apartment house?DqMegaMachines;made a contract to design a new earthmoving vehicle for Lance Highway;Construction Co. MegaMachines;was depending on the genius of Stella Sconsconi, the head of its research;department, to design a new product. Shortly;after the contract was made between MegaMachines and Lance, Sconsconi was;killed in an automobile accident. MegaMachines;was unable to design the product without Sconsconi. Lance sued MegaMachines for damages;for breach of the contract. MegaMachines;claimed that the contract was discharged by Sconsconi?s death. Is it correct?


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