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Unilateral Freeze of Defined Benefit Pension Plan




Question;Please complete case 7-2 "Unilateral Freeze of;Defined Benefit Pension Plan".;Remember to fully answer questions with significant;detail and support your answers with course concepts or outside references.;1. Did;the hospital violate Article 19, Section 12 ofthe labor agreement when it;unilaterally implemented a pension plan freeze effective January 2, 2010?;Explain your reasoning.;2. If;the hospital?s action did violate the parties? labor agreement, what would be;an appropriate remedy for the violation?;3. If;you were a manager representing the hospital, would you recommend that the;hospital file a bad faith unfair labor practice charge against the union over;its refusal to engage in mid-term bargaining over the proposed pension plan freeze?;Why or why not?


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