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Question;Chapter 12 PG 547;Q12 I was;recently fired by my employer, an architecture firm, immediately after serving;for one month on a federal grand jury. From the moment I informed my boss? I;was harassed? and told I was not putting the company first. I was told to get;out of my jury service, ?or else.?? I was fired exactly one week after my;service ended.;Was the dismissal of this at-will employee lawful? Chapter 13 PG 600;Q16 John D.;Archbold Memorial Hospital excluded all job applicants whose weight exceeded;the maximum desirable weight (based on Metropolitan Life?s actuarial survey);for large-framed men and women plus 30 percent of that weight. Sandra Murray;claimed she was denied a job as a respiratory therapist because her;height-to-weight ratio did not meet the guidelines. Murray did not claim to be;morbidly obese.


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