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Question;1.;Bong made a contract with Dell Drilling Company;to drill for oil in the northwest corner of his property. When drilling began on the morning of March 15;Bong was busy with several business appointments in the city. Shortly after drilling started, Bong?s neighbor;Rebecca, noticed with curiosity the work taking place on the northeast section;of her land. Four days later, Rebecca was disappointed when;she discovered that oil was not found on her property. Bong was;furious when he learned the drilling was done in the wrong location. Both Bong and Rebecca refuse to pay Dell Drilling;for the work. Decide, discussing fully the arguments of ALL;parties.;1.;On Thursday, April 25, Bong mailed Maria a;letter offering to sell his car to her for $5,400 and stating that he must know;her decision no later than 10 AM Monday, April 29. On Saturday, April 27, having changed his mind, Bong sent a;fax to Maria?s office revoking his offer. On Sunday, April 28, Maria gave her letter;agreeing to buy Bong?s car to a delivery service that guaranteed delivery of;Maria?s letter to Bong before 10 AM Monday morning. The service delivered her letter to Bong Monday morning. Maria did not go to her office over the weekend and thus did;not learn that Bong had changed his mind until Monday morning. When Maria demanded that Bong sell his car to her as;promised, Bong claimed that no contract existed. Is Bong correct? Discuss fully the arguments of both Maria and Bong1.;Describe the differences between trial courts and;appellate courts.


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