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Question;Part 1 of 1 Question 1 of 175.0 PointsAn annotation is a secondary authority that provides commenatary on a range of legal topics andis published on a periodic basis?A. TrueB. FalseQuestion 2 of 17Law review articles are often edited by top-notch law students?5.0 PointsA. TrueB. False5.0 PointsQuestion 3 of 17Legal periodical articles are useful because:A.Their footnotes can lead you to other valuable sources when you are doing research.B.They provide good insight into trends in a particular subject.C.They are mandatory authority.D.both a and b5.0 PointsQuestion 4 of 17A Restatement is an article that discusses in great detail the various cases on a fairly narrow legal topic?A. TrueB. False10.0 PointsQuestion 5 of 17What are the Restatements and how are they useful? (100 words essay)5.0 PointsQuestion 6 of 17Administrative agencies, which derive their authority from the executive and legislative branches ofgovernment, are a primary source of the law.A. TrueB. False5.0 PointsQuestion 7 of 17Stare Decisis means that decisions from a court with substantially the same set of facts should befollowed by that court and all lower courts under it.A. TrueB. False5.0 PointsQuestion 8 of 17A _______________ is a research tool that is not itself authority of any kind, but rather points you topotentially significant authorities and validates whether a legal source is still considered good law.A.DigestB.HornbookC.CitatorD.A.L.R.Question 9 of 17Key Cite is used by LexisNexis as a case citator?5.0 PointsA. TrueB. False5.0 PointsQuestion 10 of 17When researching statutes, if you do not know the proper or formal name of the statute, but you do knowthe colloquial name, or an acronym, you can find the statute using the Popular Name Index.A. TrueB. False10.0 PointsQuestion 11 of 17What are the Primary Sources of Law, and how are they inter-related? (250 words)Question 12 of 17Wikipedia is a respected source of information in the legal field?A. TrueB. False5.0 Points5.0 PointsQuestion 13 of 17The two most prominent manuals for citation rules in the legal profession are the Blue Book UniformSystem of Citation and the APA Method of Citation?A. TrueB. False5.0 PointsQuestion 14 of 17If the language of a statute is unclear, the legislative history may be used to support an argument for aparticular interpretation of the statutory language?A. TrueB. False10.0 PointsQuestion 15 of 17If a senior partner in a law firm asked you to locate a case and he or she did not provide you with thename of the case, but only a few facts concerning the law or the facts of the case, how would you locatesuch a case? (250 words essay)5.0 PointsQuestion 16 of 17Briefly discuss the differences between personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction. (100 wordsessay)5.0 PointsQuestion 17 of 17What is the difference between mandatory and persuasive authority? (100 words essay)


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