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Hi professor I have 25 Question about bond .....




Hi professor I have 25 Question about bond .. I attched u only the Questions so u can look at then I will send you the case 50 pages ... but it is 14 pages about bond and 20 pages about captlization and risk factor .. Please look at the Qs and tell me if u can do it or not if u say yes I will try to scan all 50 pagea and send it to u Thanks,Please let me as soon as possible thank u in advance for your consideration,Ok ... I will try to attach later today .. thanks,Ok Sir ...Please check the attachment .. I converted to word documents please let me know as soon as possible . Thank you in advance for your consideration,Please let me know if you get the documents .... Thanks,Ok I changed it by chaning my payment .. could u please check and let me know .. please try to check and let me know soon thanks,Thank you .... And Please try to finish it as soon as possible it worth too much points in the course ... And also, Please try to explain for me each answer and indicate the the page number so I will be familiar how the answer comes ....... Thank you sir , and i dealt with you before for 8 assignments and I got good grade on them Have good day,Thank you so much,hi Sir Hope you are doing fine ... I just have some comments on the solution .. Please check the attachment ........... please replay me as soosn as possible ...... because i have to expalin for the professor how i got the answers ......... it will be due after 9 hours at 4 pm ... Thanks,Hi Sir Please Try to send me my clarification as soon as possible Thank you,I do not know, I just sent you the doc and you know better than me ... And please answers all my questions that I asked you to explain for me .... Please try to do it as soon as possible ... For Q 3 i do not know about it I just heard one student said compensation but I am not sure you know better than me ... Waiting your reply Thanks,hi Sir I am really waiting ... I just want you to explain me some Questions .. I do not think so. it will take long time from you .... Please try to answer my Qs .. i am ur customer and paid the amount you asked for .. So please take care of my Qs . Thanks,Sir It is really long long time waiting for you ,,, For one day u have not answer my clarification .. If u did the answer so it is easy to explain for me it will take 5 mints from you not one day ... Please explain for me the answer ... If u will be late there is not benefits .... And could u please retuen some money to me ... Because u have not complete ur work .. u gave me answer and u did not tell me how did u get the answer .. is hard fo u to tell how did u get it ? I am really surprise from your dealting with me !!!! The first time i see one take one day to explain his answer Please I waited long time but u have not answered or ignored me,It is really not professional dealing .... I am waiting for one day to your explain how did u get the answer ... I paid you what u asked for but u have not tell me the answers ..


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