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Question;Midterm exam;Is a disparate impact claim;available under the ADEA? Which case supports your;answer? If a disparate impact claim is available under the ADEA, is;it similar to a disparate impact claim under Title VII (please use statutory;references in your answer to this subquestion)? Please cite a case;involving a disparate impact claim under Title VII, tell me what the;court decided and explain how the decision might have been different under the;ADEA?Q2 Answer the Ethical Dilemma on Page 379-380Q3 Under what circumstances might working from home be a;reasonable accommodation under the ADA? Please cite the relevant law;and a case.Q4As;discussed during Week 1, most employment contracts are for employment at;will. In at least one of the cases discussed, the employee tried to;claim that he or she had an employment contract. Cite one of these cases;and explain how the company was able to refute that claim.Q5In Ricci;v. DeStefano (which can be found under Week 2 Weekly resources), the;New Haven fire department discarded the results of promotion exams that had a;disparate impact on minority fire fighters because they felt they would be;liable under Title VII for disparate impact discrimination. Assume;that they did not discard the results and promoted fire fighters based on the;results. If the minority fire fighters had sued under Title VII;would they have been successful. In your answer, please outline the steps;needed to prove a disparate impact claim and discuss whether or not these;criteria had been met. I do not care whether you decide against or;in favor of the minority firefighters as long as you correctly discuss how to;analyze a disparate impact claim make a coherent argument based on the facts


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