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BA4302 Strategy in Practice Weekly Assignment #3




Question;Strategy;in Practice Weekly Assignment #3Evaluating a;Company?s External Environment;The arrival of a new;technology can simultaneously represent both a threat and an opportunity to;companies within a particular industry. For example, the Internet has given;rise to wholly new business models and has helped some firms well-equipped to;the online revolution rise while companies ill-equipped to coping with this;disruptive technology falter and fail. A new technology may prove similarly;disruptive in the coming years ? consumer-accessible three-dimensional (3-D);printing. (If you are not familiar with 3-D printing, an explanation can be;found at;Please read the information;below and perform a Five Forces analysis for the toy industry as it currently;stands. Then, tell how consumer-accessible 3-D printing could affect each of;these forces. What are the potential opportunities and threats that the spread;of consumer-accessible;3-D printing technology poses;to incumbent firms (those already competing within the toy industry) and to new;entrants (those contemplating competing within the toy industry)?


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