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Criminal Justice System Editorial




Question;Criminal Justice System Editorial;2 more;assignments;Select one of the following issues to address in project;?;Are public attitudes and perceptions;of crime and the criminal justice system influenced by media?;?;Are violence and crime caused by;media?;?;Should criminal justice;professionals closely follow constitutional guidelines regarding due process?;?;Is excessive use of force by the;police a systematic problem?;?;Does the criminal justice system;discriminate against minority and female offenders?;?;Should the criminal justice system;maintain the current balance between defendants? rights and victims? rights?;?;Should the death penalty be;abolished in the United States?;?;Should inmates retain all constitutional;rights and privileges when they enter a correctional facility?;?;Should the War on Drugs be continued;even though it leads to prison overcrowding?;?;Are career criminal or repeat;offender laws an effective deterrent against crime?;?;Do the advantages of increased;technology within the criminal justice system outweigh the disadvantages?;?;Has the adoption of new technologies;given law enforcement too much power?;?;Does the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001;infringe on civil liberties?;Write a 2,100- to 2,450-word editorial on the contemporary;criminal justice issue you selected.;Include the following information in your editorial piece;?;Provide a definition of the issue;and pertinent facts about the issue.;?;How does this issue affect all;components of the criminal justice system?;?;How does this issue affect the;public?;?;State your position on the issue.;?;Provide facts and arguments to;support your position on the issue.;?;Describe opposing points of view on;the issue.;?;Refute (disprove) opponents? points;of view with facts and arguments.;?;Describe possible solutions to the;criminal justice issue.;Include sources to support your argument. You may use the;textbooks, articles in the University Library, or reputable sources on the;Internet.;Format your editorial consistent with APA guidelines. IN word;only with times new roman #12 only!!!!!!!!!!


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