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Extreme conflict is related to chaos in the same way that




Question;1. Extreme conflict is related to chaos in the same way that _____ is related to complacency.;A. (Already tried this answer)B. lack of innovationC. weak competition D. lack of determination;2. In the dynamic sequence of interactions called a role episode, feedback relevant to the role-player is derived from the;A. (Already tried this answer)B. perception of the role evaluator.C. nature of the perceived role.D. player's perception of the enacted role.;3. Recently, Bill has noticed that the members of the group he's in charge of have been going off in different directions. They seem to have lost sight of their purpose. Which one of the following steps should Bill take?;A. Introduce role conflict.B. Bring in a nay-sayer. C. (Already tried this answer)D. Build group norms.;4. Bentley feels good about being a member of the A-Team work in the shipping department because Greg, Harvey and the others in the group are known throughout the company as conscientious, efficient, and dependable. In his relationship with this group, Bentley is focused on;A. (Already tried this answer)B. affiliation.C. esteem.D. accomplishment.;5. Two people, Jeff and Mark, are competing to meet their sales quotas. Their competition is least likely to lead to conflict if;A. neither man's efforts will obstruct the efforts of the other.B. the competition is intended to be friendly.C. no conflict between the parties ever existed prior to their competition.D. (Already tried this answer);6. You want to follow the research of Sherif to reduce conflict between two work units. The two groups have come to resent and hate each other since members of both groups feel that the other group has unfair access to resources. In fact, this isn't the case, but you have to convince the workers that both are being fairly treated. To accomplish your goal, you'll probably succeed best by;A. forcing the group to work toward common, overarching goals.B. (Already tried this answer) C. having the groups take their breaks in the same employee lounge.D. requiring liaisons from each group to meet and share positive information.;7. Bob is a secretary and his wife Beth is a heavy-equipment operator. When all other things are the same, who probably has the more stressful job?;A. BobB. Beth C. (Already tried this answer)D. Both are very low in stress.


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