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JUS 605: Workplace Violence Final Paper




Question;JUS 605: Workplace Violence Final Paper Due By Dec.06Here you will find your rubric for your final;paper. The rubric focuses on the paper aspect and how to earn your 75 points.;However, the overall project is worth 100 points. The first 5 points will come;when you have identified your topic of interest and let me know via email by;11/12. The next 20 points will be a result of you showing me a 1 page outline;of your paper by 11/25. Instructions;As discussed in the syllabus, a final paper is due at the;end of the course. Throughout thesemester;we have discussed several topics under the headings of work place violence. In;addition, you have read two books on the topics. Therefore, for your final;paper you will once again explore an issue ofworkplace;violence. Your final paper is designed to (1) encourage you to explore a;workplace violence issue further, (2) help you to develop critical thinking;skills, and (3) develop your ability to synthesize, organize and present;information in a clear and useful manner in written form.Specifically;your job will be to find information on your chosen topic. You may use any;source of information (just like a detective) you can find. For each source;you will need to determine the validity of the information you have achieved.;Although the natural inclination will be to go straight to Wikipedia, you will;need to dig further into this case. The purpose of this project is to get you;to think about workplace violence in the world.Specifically;you will find your own case of workplace violence. Once you have located a suitable;case and received permission to you it, you will then develop a profile of (1);the criminal, (2) the victim, and (3) the organizational dynamics that had a;direct impact on the employees. Your paper will be written in 7-10 pages using;APA style.1. Title;Page (1 page)?Includes Running head, Title, Name, Institution2.;Abstract (1 page)?Include a brief (i.e.,) summary of your chosen topic area.3.;Literature Review (7-10 pages)?Athoroughliterature review of your topic. This review requires outside;sources (note:you may;use interlibrary loan?keep that in mind when you are deciding when to startthis;paper!)?Identify the Topic of Research (i.e., the topic you have chosen)oMake sure you let the reader know what you are writing about;don?t makethem;guess your topic.?Past InformationoGive the reader a rundown of the case. Be as specific as;possible.?ProfilesoYour review needs to have complete descriptions of the;aforementionedprofiles;criminal, victim, and organizational dynamics that encouraged ornegated;the impacts?Summary/ConclusionoToward the end of your paper, you should include a synopsis (i.e.;summary) ofthe;major themes of your topic.4.;References (1-2 pages):?Include at least 5 references (cited in you paper) in APA (6thed.) format. Thesereferences;should include scholarly works (e.g., journal articles, books, etc.)Note:Be careful with websites, not all are credible. Let me know of the;site so that Ican tell you if it is;credible.Information about;APA Style:General Information1 inch margins12 point fontTimes New Roman fontDoNOT;use words like: I, we, our, mineTitle PageHas its own pageContains the;following:Running headHeaderPage Number- top;right corner, page number on first pageTitleNameAffiliation- Fort;Hays State UniversityAbstractHas its own pageLimited to 150 wordsContains the;following:Brief synopsis of;topicConclusionsIntroductionStart a new page;from abstractPut title of paper;centered at top of pageUses an inverted;triangle form (e.g., moving from broad to narrow)Contains the;following:Introduction to;topicConcise literature;review of past and current research- APA referencing of;sourcesSummary/ConclusionStarts at the end of;the Introduction (i.e., do NOT start a new page)Contains the;following:Opening statementSynopsis of;literature reviewFuture directionsReference pageStart a new pageIn alpha order, list;reference used in APA styleReferences are;hanging indentsHow to Reference;Sources:In Introduction:Ray (2003) found;that operational definitions?.Operational;definitions are important because they? (Ray, 2003).Stanovich (2004);discusses the functions of operational definitionsThe functions of;operational definitions?. (Stanovich, 2004)?. yada, yada.Reference Page:Ray, W. J. (2003).Methods;toward a science of behavior and experience(7thed.).;Belmont, CA:Wadsworth.Stanovich, K. E. (2004).How to think straight about psychology(7thed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon;="msonormal">


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