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mgt 201 Unit 6 DB Intrinsic or Extrinsic Motivation?




Question;For this week's Discussion Board question let's discuss how the;compensation system influences employees' motivation, productivity and;satisfaction. How important is the compensation system in an employees;productivity? Are there other factors that employers can do to motivate;employees? What are your feelings on this subject - intrinsic or;extrinsic motivation and if so what is an example?;For the academic portion of your response, please use data from;the textbook or from an accredited business journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.;You may also want to share an article you find with your classmates.;For example, here is an article from The Wall Street Journal on "Ways;To Be Happy and Productive At Work" dated November 25, 2012 by Jessica;Pryce-Jones.;Read more:


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