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Question;Question;1;Every variable should have two;important qualities, their attributes should be exhaustive as well as mutually;exclusive.;Answer;True;False;Question;2;Professor Newvine gives an exam on;Monday. On Wednesday, she gives the same class the same exam. What;was the purpose of this exercise?;Answer;a.;to establish precision;b.;to establish reliability;c.;to establish a student's knowlege;d.;to establish validity.;Question;3;The NCVS is designed to represent;levels of victimization.;Answer;a.;local;b.;national;c.;statewide;d.;none of the above;Question;4;UCR crime data is reported broken;down into how many parts?;Answer;a.;one;b.;two;c.;three;d.;four;Question;5;The most widely known victim survey;is the;Answer;a.;DAWN.;b.;NCVS.;c.;NIBRS.;d.;UCR.;Question;6;Age of an offender is an example of;which level of measurement?;Answer;a.;interval.;b.;nominal.;c.;ordinal.;d.;ratio.;Question;7;Ordinal measures are variables whose;attributes may be logically rank-ordered.;Answer;True;False;Question;8;When compared with the UCR, which;measure has the chance to provide greater detail to a broader range of;offenses?;Answer;a.;DAWN;b.;Monitoring the Future;c.;NIBRS;d.;NCVS;Question;9;Ranks in the local police department;represent what level of measurement?;Answer;a.;interval;b.;nominal;c.;ordinal;d.;ratio;Question;10;The primary difference between;interval and the ratio level of variables is that;Answer;a.;interval is rarely used.;b.;with interval there is an absolute meaning of zero.;c.;with ratio there is an absolute;meaning of zero.;d.;none of the above;Question;11;The assignment of grades by a;professor to major research papers is an example of;Answer;a.;conceptualization.;b.;measurement.;c.;operationalization.;d.;validity.;1 points;Question;12;Crimes must at a minimum have an;offender, becasue without an offender there is no crime.;Answer;True;False;Question;13;Concepts are;Answer;a.;empirical measurements.;b.;hypotheses.;c.;mental images.;d.;variables.;Question;14;The UCR accounts for all types of;crime, even those crimes that are not observed.;Answer;True;False;Question;15;The main difference between the UCR;and NIBRS is;Answer;a.;reporting each crime incident rather than reporting the total number;of certain crimes for each law enforcement agency.;b.;the method of gathering data.;c.;the name of the crime report.;d.;nothing, they are the same report.;Question;16;Researchers must decide on offenses;units and purposes before specifying measures of crimes.;Answer;True;False;Question;17;The types of crime measured almost;exclusively by local police are;Answer;a.;corporate crime.;b.;immigration violations.;c.;traffic offenses.;d.;none of the above;Question;18;A __________________ asks people;whether or not they have been the victim of a crime.;Answer;a.;computer-based survey.;b.;random survey.;c.;self-report survey.;d.;victim survey.;Question;19;Sometimes it is necessary to make;the same measurement more than once, which is known as;Answer;a.;face validity.;b.;inter-rater reliability.;c.;split-half method.;d.;test-retest method.;Question;20;Measuring religious affiliation by;asking respondents to indicate if they are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, or;Muslim would be using the ___________level of measurement.;Answer;a.;interval;b.;nominal;c.;ordinal;d.;ratio


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