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Question;Midterm;Exam Part II (chapters 1-4);Question 1;1.;You are a research assistant for the State Department of Law;Enforcement. Your supervisor has requested that you assist the Director;and help prepare a research project for publication in the next issue of;Police Chief (which is widely read by law enforcement and criminal justice;officials). Your job is to "Find out what types of offenders are;arrested for hate crimes in your state". Your assignment is to;design a research project from your knowledge of research methods and based on;your experience in designing and drafting your own projects.;1. What is your;Goal/topic?;1 points;Question 2;1.;List two independent variables that you are going to use.;Answer;2 points;Question 3;1.;What is your dependent variable?;Answer;1 points;Question 4;1.;What indicators/attributes are you going to use from the independent;variables that you just previously listed?;Answer;2 points;Question 5;1.;What questions apply to those variables in relationship to the dependent;variable?;Answer;2 points;Question 6;1.;What is one hypothesis and one theory that relates to your variables and goal;statement?;Answer


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