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Computer Forensics




Question;Computer;Forensics;Readthe following Case Projects and respond to each;in 350- to 700-words.;Murder;at the Office;A murder in a downtown;office building has been widely publicized. You are a police detective and;receive a phone call from a computer forensics investigator, Gary Owens, who;says he has information that might relate to the murder case. Gary says he ran;across a few files while investigating a policy violation at a company in the;same office building.;Considerthe silver platter doctrine.;Describewhat procedures you would have to follow as a;public official in 350- to 700- words.;Justifythe procedures you chose to follow in this;investigation.;Bomb;Threat;As a computing;investigator for your local sheriff?s department, you have been asked to go;with a detective to a local school that received a bomb threat in an anonymous;e-mail. The detective already has information from a subpoena sent to the last;know ISP where the anonymous e-mail originated, and the message was sent from a;residence in the school neighborhood. The detective tells you that the school;principle also stated that the school?s web server had been defaced by an;unknown computer attacker. The detective has just obtained a warrant for the;search and seizure of a computer at the residence that the ISP identified.;Preparea list of items that should be included in an;initial response field kit to ensure that the preservation of computer evidence;is maintained when the warrant is executed.


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