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Question;ETROY CJ3375 quiz 2;Question 1;Households used by the National Crime Victimization Survey are;an example of which unit of analysis?;Answer;a.;groups;b.;organizations;c.;individuals;d.;social;artifacts;Question 2;With respect to causation;Answer;a.;it is the;focus of explanatory research.;b.;it suggests a;cause and effect relationship.;c.;cause in;social science is inherently probabilistic.;d.;all of the;above;Question 3;Much of the current research in;criminal justice and criminology focuses upon which of the following?;Answer;a.;causes of;crime and effects of criminal justice policy;b.;how judges;get their positions;c.;organization;of the police and courts;d.;strategies;used by police and defense attorneys;Question 4;Quantitative and Qualitative data;deal with numerical and non-numerical data.;Answer;True;False;Question 5;An example of a cross-sectional;study would be the US Census.;Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 6;Which of the following would not be an example of social;artifacts as units of analysis?;Answer;a.;diaries;b.;newspaper;editorials;c.;probation;officers;d.;television;news programs;Question 7;Social artifacts refer only to paper documents, such as;newspapers, court opinions, and police crime reports.;Answer;True;False;Question 8;A panel study uses the same subjects on multiple occasions.;Answer;True;False;Question 9;The independent variable is assumed;to depend on or be caused by another variable.;Answer;True;False;Question 10;In using scientific inquiry during;the deductive phase, we reason towards observations, during the inductive;phase, we reason from observations.;Answer;True;False;Question 11;Which of the following is NOT an;example of a hypothesis?;Answer;a.;males score;higher in math than females;b.;poor;children have higher delinquency rates than middle class children;c.;grades will;be higher for those who study daily than those who only study before an exam;d.;why is the;sky dark at night?;Question 12;Criminal justice and human behavior can be studied scientifically.;Answer;True;False;Question 13;When the relationship between two variables is drawn from a theory, it is said;to be a;Answer;A.;fact.;B.;hypothesis.;C.;mini theory.;D.;paradigm.;Question;14;The ecological approach to understanding crime suggests that human;behavior (criminal) is partially the result of the physical and social;environment where the behavior takes place.;Answer;True;False;Question;15;All but which of the following would be a unit of analysis?;Answer;a.;groups;b.;individuals;c.;organizations;d.;social causes;Question;16;Marvin Wolfgang's study of males born in Philadelphia in 1945 was an;attempt to measure delinquency by following those males from their 10th;birthday until they were 18. This is an example of what type of;study?;Answer;a.;cohort;b.;cross-sectional;c.;panel;d.;trend;Question;17;Individual people may never be a unit of analysis.;Answer;True;False;Question;18;Inductive reasoning moves from general to specific.;Answer;True;False;Question;19;Causation in social science is the foundation for exploratory research.;Answer;True;False;Question;20;Social science cannot settle debates on _______________.;Answer;a.;facts;b.;logic;c.;observations


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