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Question;bus law 1 final examQuestion 1;6 out of 6 points;The United States Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board;of Education says that pursuant to the doctrine of stare decisis, courts cannot;overrule or change a prior court decision.;? Question;2;0 out of 6 points;The federal government has any powers that the Constitution;does not give to the states.;? Question;3;6 out of 6 points;Based on the common law tradition, past court decisions;become ____________ for deciding future cases.;? Question;4;6 out of 6 points;The party who has appealed the decision of a trial court or;lower court is called the;? Question;5;0 out of 6 points;The legislative branch of the U.S. government can change;laws that have been interpreted by the Supreme Court.;Answer;? Question;6;6 out of 6 points;The two main functions of the U.S. Constitution are to;Answer;? Question;7;0 out of 6 points;Under what circumstances can a state impose a tax on goods;that are imported into the state from another nation?;? Question;8;6 out of 6 points;There are no juries in United States District Courts and in;United States Courts of Appeal.;Answer;? Question;9;6 out of 6 points;Only unanimous decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court become;precedent.;Answer;? Question;10;6 out of 6 points;If the U.S. Supreme Court reaches a tie decision;? Question;11;6 out of 6 points;In connection with the pleadings in a lawsuit, what is the;?answer??;Answer;? Question;12;6 out of 6 points;What is ?voir dire??;Answer;? Question;13;0 out of 6 points;Punitive damages can be recovered only in strict liability;intentional tort cases.;Answer;? Question;14;6 out of 6 points;The tort of assault and battery;Answer;? Question;15;6 out of 6 points;The tort doctrine that shifts the burden of proof in a case;from the plaintiff to the defendant is;Answer;? Question;16;6 out of 6 points;In the crime of larceny, the taking is the actus rea.;Answer;? Question;17;6 out of 6 points;The two general elements that are necessary to prove guilt;in a criminal case are;Answer;? Question;18;6 out of 6 points;Ethical relativism allows an individual to evaluate the;ethics of his action based on his own feelings about what is ethical.;Answer;? Question;19;6 out of 6 points;The Golden Rule ?Do unto others as you would have them do;unto you? is most directly reflected in which moral/ethical theory?;Answer;? Question;20;0 out of 6 points;Common law as a source of the law of contracts comes;Answer;? Question;21;6 out of 6 points;Alan decides that the best way to get a promotion would be;to have his supervisor killed. He hires a hit woman to kill his supervisor.;This contract would be described as;? Question;22;0 out of 6 points;In an auction, when can the seller reject the highest bid;and not sell the item?;? Question;23;6 out of 6 points;When a minor voluntarily leaves home and lives apart from;his/her parents, this is called;Answer;? Question;24;0 out of 6 points;The UCC requires that a contract for the purchase of land;costing $501 be in writing.;Answer;? Question;25;6 out of 6 points;Which of the following can prevent there being genuine;assent to a contract?;Answer;? Question;26;6 out of 6 points;The knowledge of a statement?s falsity, or the ?guilty;mind?, in a fraud in the inducement case is also known as;Answer;? Question;27;6 out of 6 points;Frank has a bicycle that he advertised for sale, honestly;believing that it was a 1999 model even though it was actually a 1996 model.;There were significant improvements in the frame material between 1996 and;1999, though those improvements could not be seen. The buyer believed Frank?s;statement that it was a 1999 model, and was excited to be getting a model that;had the improved frame material. After discovering that the bike was actually 1;1996 model, the buyer could avoid the contract to buy the bicycle on the basis;of;Answer;? Question;28;6 out of 6 points;If the price of goods is omitted in a contract for the sale;of the goods, a ?reasonable ? price will be implied when the goods are;delivered under the UCC.;Answer;? Question;29;6 out of 6 points;The proper relationship between the common law of contracts;and the UCC regarding sales is;Answer;? Question;30;6 out of 6 points;Which of the following is true regarding contract;modifications under the UCC.;Answer;? Question;31;0 out of 6 points;Which of the following situations creates a sale that falls;under UCC sales law rules?;Answer;? Question;32;6 out of 6 points;?F.O.B. point of shipment? requires the seller to arrange to;ship goods and put the goods in the possession of the shipper.;Answer;? Question;33;6 out of 6 points;Transactions in which a seller entrusts possession of goods;to a buyer on a trial basis are classified as ?regular sales?.;Answer;? Question;34;6 out of 6 points;Under Article 2 of the UCC, in which of the following does;the risk of loss shift to the buyer upon the buyer taking possession of the;goods?;Answer;? Question;35;6 out of 6 points;What is the term for the seller?s right to make the shipment;conform under some circumstances if the seller delivers nonconforming goods?;Answer;? Question;36;6 out of 6 points;If the seller breaches a contract for the sale of goods and;the buyer then acquires substitute goods from another source, this is known as;the buyer?s right;Answer;? Question;37;0 out of 6 points;Grinning Pig Restaurant contracts to purchase 100;specially-manufactured tablecloths with its logo of a smiling pig on them.;After the seller completes the tablecloths, Grinning Pig Restaurant wrongfully;refuses to accept or pay for the tablecloths. The tablecloths cannot be sold to;anyone else because of the log. If the seller of the cloths sues the Grinning;Pig Restaurant, what is the proper measure of damages that the seller can;recover?;Answer;? Question;38;0 out of 6 points;Most of the major antitrust statutes provide for criminal;penalties.;Answer;? Question;39;0 out of 6 points;Which of the following statements is false?;Answer;? Question;40;6 out of 6 points;In State Oil Company v. Khan, the court said that the rule;of reason applied to which of the following distributor actions?;Answer;? Question;41;6 out of 6 points;To be guilty of monopolization, a defendant must;Answer;? Question;42;6 out of 6 points;The unfair advantage theory is most often applied when;analyzing a;Answer;? Question;43;0 out of 6 points;Under the Clean Air Act, states have the option to prepare a;state implementation plan if the state does not want the EPA to prepare the;plan.;Answer;? Question;44;0 out of 6 points;Under the Clean Air Act, states have the option to prepare a;state implementation plan if the state does not want the EPA to prepare the;plan.;Answer;? Question;45;6 out of 6 points;Which of the following is not required to be included in an;environmental impact statement?;Answer;? Question;46;6 out of 6 points;Regions that do not meet air quality standards are;designated;Answer;? Question;47;6 out of 6 points;?Vesting? as used in a pension plan means;Answer;? Question;48;6 out of 6 points;Which of the following statutes provides employees with the;right to collectively bargain?;Answer;? Question;49;0 out of 6 points;Title VII of the Civil Rights Act applies to all employers;regardless of the number of employees that an employer has.;Answer;? Question;50;6 out of 6 points;The Americans With Disabilities Act does not require an;employer to provide an accommodation to a disabled employee under what;circumstances?;Answer


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