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BA 3301 Legal Environment of Business




Question;BA 3301 Legal Environment of BusinessdiscussionQ1Arbitration. Focus on;the downside.;Arbitration is secret.;If you file a suit you can get what that is in the book. I can;find out how many other consumers have been screwed by this company before;me...can increase my damages...and a jury hears the problem and can award me a;judgement..emotion comes into play...Not with your arbitrator...;don't get discovery in;arbitration...;If I am building a pool and want to check up on prior problems with this pool;company, none of his arbitrated disputes are on records...AND I cannot sue if I;am bound to it never becomes public...;Read one of your contracts;disucss the limitation of your rights you find...;You are under an arbitration;clause in many of your transactions. I always ask the class who is a party to;an arbitration agreement. I usually get one hand up.;If you own a cell phone, credit card, an electric bill, subscribe to;cable you probably are bound to an arbitration agreement. All big;companies dealing with the consumer have them in their contracts. It puts you;at a disadvantage.;It costs at least $2000 - $6000 or more to arbitrate.;Arbutrators tend to side with the people who use them most because they want to;get picked to arbitrate.;If you file a court case against a company or they against you there is a;public record of the dispute..Q2My kids favorite;subject---Medicinal Marijuana.;When we hear people argue for;State's rights it is usually by conservatives demanding the Supreme Court stay;out of their abortion laws, gun laws, voting laws, immigration laws, health;insurance laws....but there is another big issue.;This is not about marijuana this is about;the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. What about the;Federal Government wanting to override state law.;Federal Law Rules but Marijuana is legal in one form or;another in 21 states and DC...some conservative states....(see slide 3)..;Here I thought Obama was going to leave the state;alone and I read the justice department has sent out warning to the States;where Marijuana is legal for medical purposes. I wonder if the Federal;government is going to send in enough DEA agents to enforce the law? Of course;not, they want the states to do it for them... kind of like immigration...;Do we need uniform laws throughout the states for;abortion/guns/immigration/voting/divorce/marriage/marijuana???Q3.The Supreme Court is the Court of Last;resource for many people and most people do not have a hope of getting;there. Only 100 of thousands of case which apply get a hearing.;Read;the attached article about an astonishing decision from the court and comment;on it...Is it unconstitutional to execute an innocent man?;Justice Antonin Scalia, and Justice Clarence Thomas have brains or is it a;heart they are lacking??;Interesting;tidbit: Clarence Thomas has not during oral arguments before the supreme;Court asked a question in 6 years.;This case is actually;complete and the Defendant never came up with solid evidence of his;innocence Witnesses did not cooperate and he ended up being executed onSeptember 21, 2011. We will neevr know;if he was guilty or innocent...But does it matter after he had what Clarence;Thomas considered to be a fair


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