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Question;Question;1;A check is a promise to pay a sum of money at some time;in the future.True;False;1 points;Question;2;A negotiable instrument can be transferred by only;negotiation.True;False;1 points;Question;3;Diner's Restaurant issues an instrument in favor of;General Supplies, Inc. For the instrument to be negotiable, it need not;a.;be an unconditional promise or;order to pay.;b.;be payable on demand or at a;specific time.;c.;be signed by Diner's Restaurant.;d.;recite the consideration given in;exchange for a promise to pay.;1 points;Question;4;City Investment Company signs a check payable to;Downtown Lenders, Inc., to buy a promissory note executed by Eagle;Corporation. This check;a.;does not constitute sufficient;consideration for HDC status.;b.;does not satisfy the value;requirement for HDC status.;c.;satisfies the consideration;requirement for HDC status.;d.;satisfies the value requirement;for HDC status.;1 points;Question;5;Good faith is "honesty in fact and the observance;of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing."True;False;1 points;Question;6;In good faith and for value, Carol receives from Dick a;negotiable bearer instrument. Carol does not know that Dick stole the;instrument. Carol is;a.;an HDC, because the good faith;requirement applies only to the holder, not the transferor.;b.;not an HDC, because the instrument;is a bearer instrument.;c.;not an HDC, because Dick did not;acquire the instrument for value.;d.;not an HDC, because Dick did not;acquire the instrument in good faith.;1 points;Question;7;If a stop-payment order on a check is not renewed, the;bank can pay the check, as a stale check, without liability.True;False;1 points;Question;8;North Bank issues a cashier's check for its customer;Ocean Shipping, Inc. Pier Harbor Company presents the check for payment.;North Bank must;a.;honor the check.;b.;refuse to honor the check.;c.;stop payment on the check.;d.;take possession of the check and;recredit its customer's account.;1 points;Question;9;Sue receives a check from Temp Persons, Inc. (TPI). She;takes the check to United Bank, TPI's bank, which refuses to cash it;because there are insufficient funds in TPI's account. Sue can recover;from;a.;neither TPI nor United.;b.;TPI only.;c.;TPI or United.;d.;United only.;1 points;Question;10;Regional Products, Inc., hires Sam to act as its agent.;Tina sues Regional for Sam's negligent conduct. Regional's right to sue;Sam for an equal amount of damages is the right of;a.;avoidance.;b.;cooperation.;c.;indemnification.;d.;reimbursement.;1 points;Question;11;Phil is an agent for Quality Products Corporation.;Whether it is reasonable for Reserve Supply Company to believe that Phil;has authority to enter a particular contract on Quality's behalf, when;Phil does not actually have that authority, is a question of;a.;apparent authority.;b.;general authority.;c.;power of authority.;d.;special authority.;1 points;Question;12;Tri-state Financial Corporation hires Uma, a real;estate agent, to locate investment properties for Tri-state. Uma learns of;a warehouse available for $100,000, informs Tri-state, and makes an offer;of $90,000 on Tri-state's instructions. The offer is rejected. Uma;a.;breached the agent's fiduciary;duties to the principal.;b.;did nothing wrong.;c.;failed to take advantage of a;business opportunity.;d.;made an unreasonable offer based;on current market value.;1 points;Question;13;Which of the following best depicts whistleblowing in;the employment context?;a.;Tim jokes with his subordinates;about the activities of his coworker, Dick.;b.;The National Assemblers Union;publishes a statement disclosing the unfair labor practices of a competing;union.;c.;Ruth tells a coworker that she;thinks a product about to be marketed is unsafe.;d.;Kim informs government authorities;that his employer is engaging in illegal activities.;1 points;Question;14;Under federal law, only key employees who take;temporary family or medical leave are entitled to job reinstatement.True;False;1 points;Question;15;The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 is concerned with;minimum wages.True;False;1 points;Question;16;Standard Employee Corporation is subject to the Social;Security Act, which;a.;covers only employees who do not;receive employer-paid pensions.;b.;governs state unemployment;compensation funds.;c.;provides retirement, survivors and;disability insurance.;d.;regulates disputes between unions;and management.;1 points;Question;17;Under workers' compensation laws, a worker who is;injured on the job files a claim with a government agency instead of suing;the employer.True;False;1 points;Question;18;Pam applies for a job at a Quik Mart store but is not;hired due to her gender. Pam files a suit against Quik Mart. A prima;facie case is established. Pam;a.;loses the suit regardless of Pam's;response.;b.;loses the suit unless Pam asserts;an appropriate defense.;c.;wins the suit regardless of Quik;Mart's response.;d.;wins the suit unless Quik Mart;asserts an appropriate defense.;1 points;Question;19;Standard Company denies a promotion to Tony, a member;of a minority, when he fails to pass a required test. Few members of;minorities have passed the test. The number of promoted employees who are;members of minorities does not reflect their percentage in the local labor;market. In a suit against Standard, if Tony can show a connection between;the test and the number of promoted minority members;a.;it must be proved that Standard;had discriminatory intent.;b.;it must be proved that Standard;has other discriminatory practices.;c.;it must be proved that the test;had a discriminatory purpose.;d.;no evidence of discriminatory;intent is necessary.;1 points;Question;20;The Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not prohibit job;discrimination on the basis of education.True;False


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