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Question;ake Test: Ch 2 Homework Justice for SaleQuestion 1Justice Roberts compared himself to:Answera ship captaina corporate CEOa baseball unpirea college professor1 points Question 2What Sci Fi Movie's opening was used as a model for a judicial campaign advertisement in Texas?AnswerThe Matrix 2001: A Space OdysseyStar WarsTerminator1 points Question 3What was one lady candidate and her family giving out while she was campaigning?AnswerEmory boardsDollar bills Hard candyCookies1 points Question 4In the first election covered by Bill Moyer, the winners were the candidates who raised the most money and made the most expensive commercials.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 5Who tends to win more before the current Supreme Court?AnswerEnvironmentalistCorporationsAbortionistAll of these answers1 points Question 6TheCitizen?s Unitedcase that went before the Supreme Court disallowed the donations from corporations to Judicial campaigns.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 7The retired Justice who is outraged and working against the citizen?s united decision isAnswerDavid SouterWilliam RehnquistSandra Day O?ConnorJohn Roberts1 points Question 8Who was the Supreme Court Justice who complained about money in judicial elections to Bill Moyers but then went on to write the opinion allowing corporations free speech rights in giving money to political candidates.AnswerJustice KennedyJustice RobertsJustice SouterJustice O'Conner1 points Question 9What does it cost to get elected to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court?Answer1,000,000500,000100,000.00nothing, the Judges are appointed.1 points Question 10What was the Governor Foster of Louisiana?s reaction to the Tulane legal clinic winning a lawsuit protecting the citizens of Convent La against a huge Japanese chemical plant trying to open in their parish, known as cancer alley?AnswerHe praised them and gave them the Louisiana environmentalist award.No only did the governor threaten Tulane?s tax breaks he lobbied the Chamber of Commerce and Alumni to not give donations to Tulane and had the legislature change the law as to who Tulane's law clinic could represent.Although he politically disagreed with their defending the citizens of the city, he found it more politically advantageous to remain silent.Although he politically disagreed with their defending the citizens of the city, he found it more politically advantageous to remain silent.


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