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PSY/428 ?Improving Organizational Performance? Simulation Summary




Question;?Improving Organizational Performance?;Simulation Summary;Resources:?Improving;Organizational Performance? Simulation located on the Week Three Course Web;page.;Complete the simulation;?Improving Organizational Performance.?;Prepare a 1,050 to 1,450-word;simulation summary in which you address the following items;For each of the four;major phases in the simulation, briefly describe;The situation;Your recommended;solution(s), including why;Your results;Summarize the;organizational psychology concepts addressed in this simulation by answering;the following questions;Based on the situation;illustrated in the simulation, what theory/theories of employee motivation;could be used to increase productivity? Why?;Based on your findings;from the simulation, how can knowledge of human behavior, cognition, and;affect, be used to enhance relationships in the workplace?;Based on your findings;from the simulation, how can organizations reduce workplace stressors for;employees?


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