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PSY/428 - Week 5 Environmental Proposal and Presentation




Question;Environmental Proposal and Presentation;In preparation for;this assignment, use this link on the Week Five Course Web page to assess;information on the different virtual organizations. Select one of the virtual;organizations as the basis for this proposal. Be sure to obtain your;instructor?s approval of your selection prior to beginning this assignment.;Prepare a 1,400 to 1,750-word;paper in which you utilize organizational psychology concepts to make;recommendations to improve the environment within your selected virtual organization.;Be sure to address the following items in;your paper;Recommend at least two strategies to;create alliances between your selected virtual organization and its networked;internal and external stakeholders.;Explain how the differences between;leadership and management affect networking within your selected virtual;organization.;Propose an environment that is supportive;of team functioning and learning and that allows for sustainable innovation and;creativity within your selected virtual organization. Be sure to include the;rationale for your proposal.;Preparea 10 to 15 minute oral;presentation accompanied by 10 to 12 Microsoft? PowerPoint? slides illustrating;your Environment Proposal. Online Campus students will submit 10 to 12 slide;Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation with presenter notes.


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