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Question;1);The visual cliff experiment showed that babies have;a stepping reflex.;some depth perception.;excellent vision.;the ability to follow verbal cues.;2);Vygotsky?s _________ is the difference between what a child;can do alone versus what a child can do with the help of a teacher.;formal operations stage;theory of scaffolding;concrete operations stage;zone of proximal development;3);Which of the following is true about reflexes?;No survival or interaction purposes have been found for the;reflexes of newborn infants.;Reflexes are learned, voluntary patterns of behavior that;develop throughout infancy.;Some reflexes help infants to survive until they are capable;of learning more complex means of interaction.;Reflex actions are the main means by which humans interact;throughout the lifespan.;4);The primary task of individuals facing Erikson's stage of;identity versus role confusion is to;nurture the next generation.;find a mate.;become self-sufficient with a job and home separate from;one's parents.;develop values in life and beliefs concerning such things as;political issues and career options.;Feedback: Correct.;Adolescence, p. 337;5);The impulsive and often risky behavior that can still be;seen in adolescence is partially the result of;incomplete development of the prefrontal cortex of the;brain.;changes in the secondary sex characteristics.;the onset of puberty.;the resolution of a personal fable.;6);The first stage in K?bler-Ross?s theory is;bargaining.;anger.;depression.;denial.;7);People who ________ have been found to be far less likely to;develop memory problems in old age.;exercise regularly;take vitamins;consistently get 8 hours of sleep each night;exercise their mental abilities;8);The _______ believe that a person who has died is in the;underworld.;Cheyenne;Navajo;Inuit;Hindus;9);Erikson believes that during late adulthood, people engage;in a process called;materialism.;a life review.;indulgence.;libero.;10);The changes that women experience 5 to 10 years prior to;menopause are;perimenopause.;universal around the world.;accompanied by an increase in estrogen.;all in their heads.;11);Generally speaking, a person experiences the peak of their;physical functioning during their;teen years.;20s.;40s.;30s.;Score: 0;12);When Lira was born, her parents agreed to allow her to;participate in a research project that investigates the development of motor;skills in children. Every year, Lira's parents complete a survey answering questions;about how Lira's motor skills have changed. The researchers are using only one;group of parents and children for the study. Lira and her parents are;participating in a study that uses a ________ design.;combination of cross-sectional and cross-sequential;cross-sequential;cross-sectional;longitudinal;13);A 4 year old watches her father pour liquid from a short;wide glass into a tall, thin glass. She believes that there is now more liquid;in the tall glass than there was in the short glass. This is known as;centration.;irreversibility;object permanence.;egocentrism.;14);Vygotsky emphasized the importance of social interactions in;cognitive development, whereas ________ stressed the importance of the child's;interactions with objects.;Ainsworth;Erikson;Piaget;Harlow;\;15);Pete and Evelyn are decorating the room for the baby they;are expecting. To ensure that the baby's room provides appropriate stimulation;the couple seek the advice of a developmental psychologist, who tells them that;newborns prefer to look at;human faces.;animals rather than people.;one dimension rather than three.;simple rather than complex patterns.;16);Lizzie, age 12, regularly asks questions, such as;What if everyone just got along?" and, "If I became a medical;researcher, could I find a cure for cancer?" According to Piaget's theory;these questions suggest that Lizzie has acquired the ability to _____.;think abstractly;think symbolically;mentally reverse actions;consider all relevant features of an object;Score: 1;17);When Calvin?s mother left him with the babysitter, Calvin;said, ?Mommy go.? This is an example of;telegraphic speech.;one-word speech.;child-directed speech.;a holophrase.;18);Sixteen-year-old Esmerelda often drinks several glasses of;beer and then drives herself home. When her parents express worry that her;drinking and driving will lead to an accident, Esmerelda responds, "That;won't happen to me. It only happens to other people." Esmerelda's thinking;reflects;the imaginary audience.;preconventional morality.;the personal fable.;centration.;Score: 1;Feedback: Correct.;Adolescence, p. 336;19);Dr. Austin is studying the effects of aging on memory. She;gives an initial test of memory to a group of 20 year olds and a group of 40;year olds. Then she follows both groups of participants for a period of 5 years;regularly giving them memory tests during that time. Which research design is;Dr. Austin using?;genetic-potential;cross-sequential;longitudinal;cross-sectional;20);One disadvantage of the longitudinal design is;the lengthy amount of time involved.;ethical concerns.;that it is extremely complicated.;individuals of different ages are being compared to each;another.;21);Humans have a total of ____ chromosomes in each cell of;their bodies.;23;22;46;44;Score: 1;22);is carried by recessive genes and inherited when a;child inherits two recessive genes.;Turner?s syndrome;Cystic fibrosis;Down syndrome;Fragile X syndrome;23);A ______ will always be expressed in the observable trait.;dominant gene;chromosome;physical feature;recessive gene;24);Genes that actively control the expression of a trait are;referred to as;chromosomes.;recessive.;polygenic.;dominant.;25);A researcher spends her entire career comparing the relative;influences of heredity and environment on the development of alcoholism in men.;This researcher works in the field of;physical development.;behavioral genetics.;moral development.;environmental genetics.;Score: 1;26);In the study of human development, the term nature refers;to;DNA molecules.;the influence of our inherited characteristics on our;personality, physical growth, intellectual growth, and social interactions.;the influence of the environment on personality, physical;growth, intellectual growth, and social interactions.;observable traits.;27);During the embryonic period, the embryo;grows to about 5-inches long;remains unaffected by environmental influences;becomes vulnerable to diseases the mother may have;still has no beating heart;28);is a teratogen that may cause blindness.;Marijuana;Caffeine;Radiation;Rubella;29);may cause miscarriage and low birth weight for the;developing embryo.;Caffeine;Rubella;Mercury;Syphilis;30);Dizygotic twins ___________________________.;refer to 2 babies coming from one fertilized egg;each possess the same set of 46 chromosomes;are more likely to occur in women taking fertility drugs;are always the same sex


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