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Question;1);The psychological aspects of being masculine or feminine are;known as;intersex.;gender.;sex characteristics.;androgen.;2);The process of acquiring gender-role characteristics is;called;gender role acquisition.;gender typing.;gender transfiguration.;gender identity.;3);Prejudice that is more socially acceptable but still leads;to unequal treatment of men and women is;gender stereotyping.;sexism.;benevolent sexism.;androgyny.;4);The ______ theory proposes that gender identity is acquired;as a child develops a mental pattern for being male or female and then;organizes observed and learned behavior around that mental pattern.;social learning;gender schema;gender stereotype;benevolent sexism;5);Studies have shown that infant girls exposed to;hormones before birth were found to behave as ?tomboys,? displaying more;masculine characteristics.;transsexual;winkte;androgen;estrogen;6);An individual?s sense of being male or female is called;gender typing.;gender identity.;gender.;gender role.;7);is the culture?s expectations for either masculine;or feminine behavior, including actions, attitudes, and personality traits;associated with being male or female in that culture.;Gender;Gender role;Gender typing;Gender identity;Score: 1;8);Research has shown that cultures that are more ______ and;have high standards of living are more nontraditional in gender role;expectations, while cultures that are more ______ and have less wealth are more;traditional in gender role expectations.;religious, atheist;atheist, religious;individualistic, collectivistic;collectivistic, individualistic;9);The characteristic of possessing the most positive;personality characteristics of males and females regardless of actual sex is;called;transgender.;gender identity disorder.;androgyny.;transsexual gender.;10);The term _____ refers to people whose sense of gender;identity does not always match their external appearance or their sex;chromosomes.;androgyny;transsexual;transgendered;hermaphroditism;11);The _______ theory attributes gender-role development to;learning behavior through observation and imitation of models.;gender schema;social learning;benevolent sexism;gender stereotype;12);Organic factors, psychological factors, and sociocultural;factors can all be causes of;sexual orientation.;sexual dysfunction.;sexually transmitted infection.;sexual identity disorder.;13);One of the earliest studies of the impact of biological;factors on sexual orientation found that if the mother experienced severe;stress during the second trimester;the chance of a male child becoming heterosexual is;significantly higher.;the chance of a female child becoming homosexual is;significantly higher.;the chance of either a male or female child becoming;homosexual is significantly lower.;the chance of a male child becoming homosexual is;significantly higher.;14);are sexual organs and traits that develop at;puberty and are indirectly involved in human reproduction.;Secondary sex characteristics;Primary sex characteristics;Androgen;Gonads;15);The ______ are organs present in an embryo that are;undifferentiated?not yet male or female.;ovaries;testes;gonads;prostates;16);are sexual organs present at birth and are directly;involved in human reproduction.;Primary sex characteristics;Secondary sex characteristics;Androgen;Gonads;17);Which of the following is an example of female primary sex;characteristics?;ovaries;mammary glands become capable of producing milk;testes;menstrual cycle;18);Which of the following is an example of male secondary sex;characteristics?;the scrotum;the penis;a deeper voice;the prostate gland;19);A person?s sexual attraction and affection for members of;either the opposite or the same sex is called;sexual orientation.;sexism.;sexual preference.;sexual identity.;20);A person who is either male or female and is attracted to;both sexes is called;homosexual.;heterosexual.;bisexual.;transsexual.;21);Masters and Johnson are known for research concerning;alternative human sexual behavior.;the physical responses that occur during sexual activity.;the psychological responses that occur during sexual;activity.;the psychology involved in acquiring gender roles and;identity.;22);Alfred Kinsey is most known for;the shocking results he reported from a survey concerning;sexism.;the study he published on the physiological aspects of;sexual intercourse.;the report he published concerning human sexual behavior and;the different ways in which people engage in the sex act.;the study he published on transsexual gender identity.;23);are types of sexual problems caused by physical;sources or disorders.;Socially unacceptable behaviors;Transgender disorders;Paraphilias;Organic dysfunctions;24);A sexual condition in which the person either prefers to, or;must, achieve sexual arousal and fulfillment through sexual behavior that is;unusual or not socially acceptable is called;a psychogenic disorder.;an organic sexual dysfunction.;a paraphilia.;sexual arousal disorder.;25);The most common sexually transmitted infection is;chlamydia.;HIV.;syphilis.;AIDS.


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