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A researcher is interested in testing the proposition-[PSY380-SG] PERSONALITY THEORIES




Question;7) A;researcher is interested in testing the proposition that being in a good mood;causes;increased cooperation among children at school. This can be tested by;conducting;an experiment in which the dependent variable is;A) mood.;B);cooperation.;C) being;in school.;D) age.;8);Psychobiography is different from case studies because psychobiography has;more;emphasis on;A);pathology.;B);experimental methods.;C) the;individual.;D);theoretical considerations.;10);Freud?s theory challenged our trust in;A);hypnosis.;B);science.;C);therapy.;D) conscious;experience.;21) In;his explanation of the concept of organ inferiority, Adler emphasized;A);determinism.;B) the;subjective experience of the child.;C) the;inheritance of personality.;D) the;impact of physical limitations on the development of intelligence.;23);According to Adler, the most important determinant of personality is;A);parental behavior.;B) birth;order.;C);biological factors.;D) a;person?s own choices.


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