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PSY450 - PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER Week 4: Psychological Disorder




Question;PSY450 - PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER;Week 4: Psychological Disorder;Psychological Disorder (as listed in;the DSM-IV-TR);Obsessive-Compulsive;Disorder.;DSM-IV-TR Code for this disorder;#300.3;Why did you choose this disorder?;(50 words or less);Discuss the psychological disorder;(150-250 words);Discuss the relationship between;human development and socialization (150-250 words);How does;the relationship between human development and socialization affect the psychological disorder? (150-250 words;Discuss cultural considerations in;regards to prevalence, treatment, trends, etc. (150-250 words);Discuss;how this disorder may/may not be accepted/explained within certain cultural contexts (150-250 words).;What have you learned about this;disorder that you did not previously know? (50-100 words)


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